Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spuzz Jams Volume 2 - Reuinions


This is the second release as Spuzz Jams. This album consists of snippets taken from many different jams throughout early 2013 through the Spring of 2014, and if I had to compare it to anything, I would say it is most like Emperors of Gnouv's Oh Baby New Year album, but a slightly more mature version. Like most of our improvisational music, this album features a lot of different musicians playing multiple instruments. I spent weeks on the post production overdubs, drones, samples, etc. The result is an eclectic group of songs that span fusion, post-rock, psychedelic rock, space rock, odd time signatures, and other weird stuff anyone familiar with Gnouv music would be accustomed to hearing. Enjoy!

1) Skidaleedoo
2) Engine
3) Deepsee Destiny
4) Gray Tower Sky
5) Mania Intro
6) Mania
7) Get It Out
8) The Lazy Morning After
9) Waiting Room Music
10) Intri
11) Y2K
12) I Thought I Got That Out

Production, mastering, and overdubbing by Belvis Freshly.
James Lake (Fynndlit)
Aaron Cote
Michael Caraglio
Jack Selberg
Alexander "Shrub" Bravo
Ian Gibbs (of Vinyl Williams)
Nick Lake
Alex Rowe
Justin Neff
Ramon Metsoulth
Bryan Truitt
On various different instruments
Album Art by Renz Balagtas, Graphics by Layne Scheiner

Belvis Freshly - Music For Analogue Synthesizer (Vol. 1)


This album was an experiment in learning a new instrument. The output was a very psychadelic, synesthetic soundscape. Enjoy!

1) Part I
2) Part II
3) Part III
4) Part IV

Belvis Freshly - Analogue Synthesizer, Production
Album Art - Gertrude M
Graphics - Layne Scheiner

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Spuzz Jams Vol. 1 - Cinnamon Synonym Pseudonym

This album was recorded in the cabin up in Big Bear - our third consecutive summer with a third consecutive album up at the cabin. For minanim and myself, this album explored a darker spectrum of emotions than the more celebratory, happy-go-lucky kind of music from Germish Sperman and Meals of Oblivion from 2011 and 2012 respectively, since each one of us were going through some things in our lives at the time. The music took on a glassy and dark atmosphere, which I think is pretty apparent to the listener when hearing it. The music is 100% improvised, and features some members from Emperors of Gnouv (James, minanim, Mica, and myself. Also featuring Neifs on synthesizers. Renz "Balla-G" Balagtas did the album art and Layne Scheiner did the graphics). Enjoy, and feel free to let me know what you think.

1) Intro - Sonic Droplets
2) Synonym
3) Interlude - Darkstar
4) Pseudonym I
5) Pseudonym II
6) Pseudonym III
7) Pseudonym IV
8) PseudonymV
9) Pseudonym VI
10) Interlude - Under Blue Glass
11) Cinnamon I
12) Cinnamon II
13) Cinnamon III
14) Outro - Human Headed Rooster

Monday, January 20, 2014

Emperors of Gnouv - Masters of the Galaxy

This album was born in the back yard of the Rolling Hills house in Los Angeles California during a late night conversation between Minanim and Somnium regarding the future of humanity. The point was made that assuming we survive long enough, humans will move beyond our planet, to other planets, and eventually become masters of the galaxy.
This theme percolates into the music. This release consists of harmonic and rhythmic drones of complex time signatures, brooding jams, and space-inspired compositions. It will take you on an epic voyage through the cosmos!
Somnium - Rhythm and lead guitar, Auxiliary percussion, Signal processing, Drones, Production
Minanim - Bass, Guitar, Digital and Modular Synth, Piano
Fynndlit - Drums, Analogue and Modular Synthesizer, Bass, Production
Mica - Drums, Auxiliary Percussion
J-Anton - Fender Rhodes, Analogue Synthesizer
Ramon Metsoulth - Words, Vocals
Dink - Graphics, Vocals
Shrub - Guitar
Everever - Vocals, Meditation bowls
Gertrude Myrtle Malingus - Angelic vocals
Katherine Brannock - Album art

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Vinyl Williams and Emperors of Gnouv - Gnouvinyl

Gnouvinyl is a collaborative jam between members of Emperors of Gnouv and our friends from Vinyl Williams. This jam took place on 5-19-13, the afternoon after our show with Tan Sister Radio and Vinyl Williams. This was a super fun jam, and we look forward to future shows and jams with these awesome people!

Lionel Williams - Guitar
Ian Gibbs - Drums
Nikita Arefkia - Keyboards
James Lake (Fynndlit) - Bass
Somnium - Aux Percussion
Minanim - Digital Synth
Mica - Drums
Neifs - Album Art

Monday, July 15, 2013

Somnium Presents - Gnouv Lifestyle (Vintage Gnouv) Vol. I

The following album consists of two mixes derived from the early days of The Gnouvment. The segments from Mix Tape I come from 2010 and feature a vast array of Gnouvists. Mix Tape II comes from early 2011 and features Fynndlit, Shrub, and myself. Enjoy, and look for Volume II of Gnouv Lifestyle (Vintage Gnouv) in the near future!

Track Listing:
1) Mix Tape I
2) Mix Tape II

Somnium: Guitar, Percussion, Production
Fynndlit: Drums, Guitar, Bass Clarinet, Production
Shrub: Bass
Minanim: Bass
J-Anton: Guitar, Argo Bass (Electric)
Alex Rowe: Guitar, Electronics
Ang Ngayon: Organ, Xylaphone
Sunyata: Analog Synth
Spaceship: Organ, Album Art!
Dink: Graphics

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Emperors of Gnouv - Oh Baby New Year

This album came from improvised jams from the summer of 2012 and the winder of 2012-2013. It marks the first Emperors of Gnouv album recorded with our expanded home studio, rather than the single mic Zoom H4N recordings of the previous two albums. Oh Baby New Year is the result of hours of improvised material, our growing knowledge of recording/post production, and most importantly, awesome times shared with awesome people. Represent the Gnouvment!

Track Listing:
1) Oh Baby New Year I
2) When J-Anton Smiles
3) Four Fertile Swingers
4) Mica Slams
5) Somniuuumm, I Guess This is Album Worthy
6) Antimi Plays it Dirty
7) Sky Sharks
8) Oh Baby New Year II
9) Fynndlit That Shit Up
10) Minanim Broods
11) Shrub Me Down Low
12) Astral Bodies
13) Oh Baby New Year III

Somnium: Guitar, Signal Processing, Effects, Production
Fynndlit: Drums, Modular Synth, Production
Minanim: Bass, Synthesizer
Mica: Drums
J-Anton: Rhodes, Digital Synthesizer
Shrub: Guitar, Auxiliary Percussion
Antimi: Keyboards, Vocals
Alex Rowe: Digital Synthesizer, Rhodes
Kyle Berzle (of The Guze): Electric Wind Instrument
Balla-G: Album Art
Layne Scheiner: Graphics